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I provide a variety of Computer Services that include the following:

  • Dependable, On-Site Business & Residential Service
  • Tablet Configuration (e.g., Android and iPad)
  • Technology Consulting
  • Data and System Back-Up & Recovery (Local Back-Up Onto External Hard Drive and/or Cloud Storage
  • Small Office and Home Wireless Networking Setup & Repair
  • Wireless & Ethernet Router Setup
  • DSL and Cable Modem Setup
  • Expert Assistance With Windows 10, 8, and 7  All Versions
  • Professional Upgrade Of Windows 8 and 7 to Windows 10
  • New System Setup (Desktops & Laptops) Including Transfer of Data & Files From Old System
         To New System

  • System Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance
  • Malware and Spyware, Virus, Worm, and Trojan Horse Detection & Removal
  • Software Installations & Corrections (e.g., MS Office, Anti-Virus & Malware Detection software, iTunes,
         music File Format Conversion, Image Viewing & Editing Software, etc.

  • System Upgrades Including RAM, CD/DVD Burner Installations, etc.
  • SSD installations (e.g., Cloning of old 3.5" Hard Drive to new 2.5" SSD drive)
  • Peripheral Installations (e.g., Wireless and USB Printers, Scanners, iPods, Speakers, etc.)
  • Computer Tutoring (e.g., How To:  Set Up and Use E-mail, Burn CD/DVDs, Purchase and Burn Music To CDs,
         Upload Photos to Facebook, Download Photos From A Digital Camera/Memory Card to Desktop or
    Computer, Setup and Use Of A Digital Camera, Connect an iPad, Printer, Cell Phone, etc. To
         Wireless Network, etc.

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